Usage of Gems

Heavenly bodies stir our soul, the peaceful twinkling bring us a dreamy sensation of warmth. The sparkling joy inspires us. The vibrant feel of life refreshes us. A calm mind is curious one. It makes us wonder, as we gaze at the stars. We think of happiness, we think of harmony. Natural well being is an amazing symphony of cosmic and bodily functions. The splendour of night sky, it sooths us, as does the splendour of gems, we must probe deeper. All this while you have allowed your thoughts to be shaped just in one direction, not any more. You realise that astrology cannot be dismissed as being unscientific without enough reason. Your eyes stay transfix to the stars as your mind wonders the cosmos simply must have a bearing on life, you say yourselves over a hundred generations of leaned sagas have stood by this marvel. The marvel of the beautiful symphony created by gems and the radiance of star. “Man is Man, and is the master of his fate, But the keys are with the stars to open fortune’s gate” Gem stones have to be proved to be proved great value to mankind, now scientific evidence is available to back up the established astrological and mythological theories. The usage of gems has been spoken in the ancient Sanskrit text “The Garud Puran” and “Grah Gochar Jyotish” which are possessed to be thousands of years older than the ‘dead sea scrolls’. An astrological horoscope charts the locations of planetary positions at the time of one’s birth. The motion of the planets and their positions in relation to each other act upon us throughout our lifetime. Just as the lunar phases forms low and high tides in the oceans, accordingly to one’s horoscope certain planets are favourable, some are unfavourable and give mixed results. The ancient scriptures reveal how precious gems help to remove obstructions in various areas of life by appeasing planets that are having unfavourable effects. Knowledge of using appropriate gemstone at the right time in a right way is very helpful to achieve success n very day life. The gems act as a filter and produces effects depending upon the need of the body. If a planet is emanating a ray, the vibration of which is unsuitable for the body, is counteracted by the ray absorbed by the gem, there shall be no evil effect. Mankind has been witnessed to the spectacular phenomenon of rainbow. A rainbow s composed of seven colours known in short as “VIBGYOR” colours of spectrum. The importance of seven colours has been observed in the Holy Bible (Chapter Genesis IX-13 & IX-16) and the Karma Puran (Chapter 43, V-1-2). The spectrum is a vital part of the God’s frame work of the universe. The human body also consist seven colours, and if there is any deficiency may cause imbalance in the body leading to disease and or any other problem. All the planetary gemstones are highly sensitive, radioactive crystals and are perfect in filtering out the particular rays. The suitable gemstone pick up that particular ray and transmit them into the body, as a consequence of which the body starts functioning in the right way physically and mentally. Dr Oscar Brunler of USA has measured the radiation of gemstone and planets. The vibrations are continuously absorbed in the body. Wavelengths of gemstones are as under: S No. Planet Wavelength (-ve)x10-7 cm Gems of Planet Hindi Name Wavelength (+ve)x10-7 cm Nature of gem Colour of gem under prism 1. Sun 65000 Ruby Manik 70000 Hot Red 2. Moon 65000 Pearl Moti 70000 Cold Orange 3. Mars 85000 Coral Moonga 65000 Hot Yellow 4. Mercury 85000 Emerald Panna 70000 Hot Green 5. Jupiter 130000 Topaz Pukhraj 50000 Cold Blue 6. Venus 130000 Diamond Heera 80000 Hot Indigo 7. Saturn 65000 Sapphire Neelam 70000 Too cold Violet 8. Rahu 35000 Hessonite Gomed 70000 Cold Ultraviolet 9. Ketu 35000 Cat’s eye Lahsuniya 70000 Too hot Infra red The malefic power released by the planets is always negative where the power of gemstone is always positive which neutralises each other if proper gemstone has been selected. Thus, the gemstone is assigned to that particular planet. CURE & CONTROL OF DISEASES THROUGH GEMS Following combinations have power to avert, reduce or subside the disease(s) if native is suffering; S.No. Disease Usage of Gemstone 1. Acidity Emerald +Yellow Sapphire, Moonstone & Hessonite 2. Accidents Red Coral + White Pearl 3. Allergy Moonstone or Yellow Sapphire or Blue Sapphire or Emerald depending upon the body part showing allergic reactions. 4. Anaemia Red Coral + Yellow Sapphire 5. Amenorrhoea Re Coral 6. Amnesia Red Coral + Emerald 7. Apoplexy Red Coral + Yellow Sapphire 8. Appendicitis Red Coral + Yellow Sapphire 9. Arthritis Red Coral + Yellow Sapphire 10. Asthma Blue Sapphire 11. Atrophy Yellow Sapphire + Emerald 12. Backache Red Coral + Yellow sapphire 13. Baldness Blue sapphire + Emerald 14. Biliouness (Liver trouble) Blue sapphire + Emerald 15. Bladder problem Red Coral + Yellow sapphire 16. Blindness Ruby & Pearl (Practically incurable) 17. Boils Moonstone 18. Brain Tumour Emerald + Yellow Sapphire + Red Coral 19. Bronchitis Red coral 20. Cancer Light blue Sapphire + Red coral 21. Cataract Emerald + Pearl 22. Colour Blindness Red Coral + Pearl 23. Common Cold Red Coral 24. Conjunctivitis Moonstone 25. Constipation Red Coral 26. Deafness Emerald + Red Coral 27. Deformities Red Coral 28. Dermatitis White Coral + Lapis 29. Diabetes Red Coral + Yellow Sapphire 30. Diarrhoea Emerald + Yellow Sapphire 31. Digestive disorders Emerald + Yellow Sapphire (or Hessonite) 32. Dysmenorrhoea White Coral + Red Coral 33. Ear trouble Red Coral + Emerald 34. Eczema White Coral + Yellow Sapphire 35. Epilepsy Emerald + Moonstone 36. Fever Red Coral 37. Fistula Red Coral+ Moonstone 38. Frigidity Big size White Pearl 39. Fractures Red Coral 40. Gallstones Red Coral + Emerald 41. Goitre White Coral + Moonstone 42. Gout (Rheumatism) Red Coral + Yellow Sapphire 43. Gonorrhoea Red Coral + Moonstone 44. Headache Emerald + Moonstone 45. Heart disease Emerald + Yellow Sapphire + Moonstone (or Ruby) 46. Hernia Red coral + Yellow Sapphire 47. Hypertension Emerald + Yellow Sapphire + Blue Sapphire S.No. Disease Usage of Gemstone 48. Hydrocoele Red Coral + Moonstone 49. Hysteria Red Coral + Moonstone 50. Impotency Diamond or Yellow Sapphire + Red Coral 51. Insomnia Emerald + Moonstone +Yellow Sapphire 52. Jaundice Red coral + Blue Sapphire 53. Laryngitis Red coral 54. Leprosy Hessonite + Red Coral 55. Leucoderma White Coral + Emerald 56. Malaria Red Coral + Moonstone 57. Measles Red Coral 58. Menstrual Disorders Big size Pearl 59. Mental illness Emerald + Moonstone +Yellow Sapphire 60. Miscarriage Red Coral + Emerald 61. Mumps Red Coral 62. Neuralgia Red Coral + Emerald 63. Paralysis Red Coral + Emerald 64. Piles Red Coral + Pearl 65. Pneumonia Red coral + Yellow Sapphire 6. Syphilis Red coral + Yellow Sapphire 67. Throat trouble Red coral 68. Tuberculosis Red coral + Yellow Sapphire 69. Typhoid Emerald + Yellow Sapphire + Moonstone Multipurpose power of Gems Gems are being used by men from immemorial time and commonly used either by kings or queens in the ornaments for exposure of affluence as status symbol. It is also used by common men for averting diseases and distress’ and protects themselves against calamities and achieves success. Gemstones in the parlance of astrology have been assigned to the nine planets are of the utmost importance. Rests of the gemstones are treaded as substitutes of these nine planetary gems. 1. Ruby : This is the gem assigned to the planet Sun, it gives name, fame, vigour, virtue, warmth and the capacity to command. It can raise the individual far above the status in which he was born. Historically it has been symbolic of love and passion. 2. Pearl : This is the gem assigned to the planet Moon, it strengthens mental faculties and their fluctuations, calmness, emotions and increase peace of mind. It is Indian common custom to wear a pearl nose ring and necklace for brides. It is believed that pearl wearer will have happy conjugal life, protection from widowhood and augment vitality and wisdom. 3. Red coral: This is the gem assigned to the planet Mars, it gives vim, vigour and courage. It helps in blood related diseases. 4. Emerald: This is the gem assigned to the planet Mercury, it improves memory, intuition, learning ability, communication skill and sharpens intellect. 5. Yellow Sapphire: This is the gem assigned to the planet Jupiter, it is most commonly and widely used for augmentation financial status. The wearer gets name, fame, plenty of wealth and suitable match. 6. Diamond : This is the gem assigned to the planet Venus, the wearer gets luxurious life and Fame in the field of artistic qualities of the person, it also increases virility. 7. Blue Sapphire: This is the gem assigned to the planet Saturn, it counteracts enviousness of others and keeps away from conspiracy. It alleviates long-term misfortune. Sometimes this stone reacts adversely it should be always tested for a week before final wearing. It also said that this stone has magical power to throw its wearer or put him to a highest status from all sides. It can give everything to a person whatever he desires. 8. Hssonite (Gomedak): This is the gem assigned to the planet Rahu, the wearer of this stone can hope for speedy successes in lesser time. It improves dealing with people and protects from sudden misfortune. It is best suitable gem to avert stomach ailments, disaster, insanity and evil spirit. 9. Cat’s eye (Lahasuniya): This is the gem assigned to the planet Ketu, it protects from hidden enemies and mysterious dangers and diseases. It also protects from droning, intoxication and government punishments and brigs fortune to gamblers. USE OF GEMSTONE AS BRTHDAY STONE Gemstones prescribed according to the Indian system of zodiac as per Calendar dates are most widely accepted as under: S No. Zodiac sign Months Planet Planetary stone 1. Aquarius 21 Jan – 21 Feb Uranus & Saturn Hassonite 2. Pisces 22 Feb – 21 March Neptune & Jupiter Cat’s eye 3. Aries 22 March – 20 April Mars Red Coral 4. Taurus 21 April – 21 May Venus Diamond 5. Gemini 22 May – 21 June Mercury Emerald 6. Cancer 22 June – 22 July Moon Pearl 7. Leo 23 July – 22 August Sun Ruby 8. Virgo 23 August – 22 Sept Mercury Emerald 9. Libra 23 Sept – 23 Oct Venus Diamond 10. Scorpio 24 Oct – 21Nov Pluto & Mars Red Coral 11. Sagittarius 22 Nov – 21 Dec Jupiter Topaz 12. Capricorn 22 Dec – 20 Jan Saturn Blue Sapphire Birthday stones used in U S A, U K, Canada, Africa, Australia as per Calendar months : January Garnet February Amethyst March Aquamarine April Diamond May Emerald June Pearl July Ruby August Peridot September Blue Sapphire October Opal November Topaz December Turquoise SUBSTITUTES OF NINE PLANETARY GEMSTONES It is worked out when a person can not afford the precious gemstones due to their high cost one can use the substitutes of these gems, however they react very slowly in comparison to the original gems. The substitutes are tabulated as under: S No. Gems substitutes 1. Ruby Garnet, Spinel, Red Tourmaline 2. Pearl Moonstone, Quartz 3. Red coral Garnet, Amber, Red Tourmaline 4. Emerald Green Tourmaline, Jade, Peridot, Onyx 5. Yellow Sapphire Citrine (Quartz), Topaz, Turquoise 6. Diamond White sapphire, Aquamarine, Zircon 7. Blue Sapphire Amethyst, Lolite 8. Hessonite Almandine (Garnet), Agate 9. Cat’s eye Quartz cat’s eye, Sillimanite cat’s eye Auspicious day, time, preferable weight of different planetary gems and concerned finger: As far as weight is concerned there are different opinions regarding weight of the gems to be worn, depending upon the age, weight and planetary position of the individual’s horoscope. It is widely aceepted that when you are using low quality gem you should wear heavier gem, while superior quality gems of much lesser weight can give the same result. Thus, preferable weight is tabulated below, however, it is advisable to consult erudite astrologer for exact weight of gems. S No. Gems Day Time Finger Weight in carats 1. Ruby Sunday Sunrise Ring Finger 2 – 10 2. Pearl Monday Evening Ring / Little Finger 2 – 9 3. Red coral Tuesday 1 hour before sunset Ring Finger 4 – 15 4. Emerald Wednesday 2 hour before sunrise Ring / little Finger 2 – 8 5. Yellow Sapphire Thursday 1 hour before sunset Index Finger 3 – 8 6. Diamond Friday Sunset Ring Finger In cents 7. Blue Sapphire Saturday 2 hour 40 minutes before sunset Middle Finger 2 – 8 8. Hessonite Saturday 2 hour before sunset Middle / Ring Finger 3 – 15 9. Cat’s eye Thursday Mdnight Middle / Ring Finger 2 – 10

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